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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"Physics Meets Philosophy at the Planck Scale"

Here's a collection of links to chapters of the book "Physics Meets Philosophy at the Planck Scale", edited by Nick Huggett and Craig Callender. These sources are all already available publicly - I'm just collecting the links in one convenient place. Not all the chapters are available, but I'll add them as and when I find them. Of course, if you like the chapters you read, and you'd like to see the rest, a good way to get them would be to buy the book.

1 Introduction Web page PDF
Craig Callender and Nick Huggett

Part I: Theories of Quantum Gravity and their Philosophical Dimensions

2 Spacetime and the philosophical challenge of quantum gravity Web page PDF
Jeremy Butterfield and Christopher Isham

3 Naive quantum gravity Web page PDF
Steven Weinstein

4 Quantum spacetime:What do we know? Web page PDF
Carlo Rovelli

Part II: Strings

5 Reflections on the fate of spacetime
Edward Witten

6 A philosopher looks at string theory
Robert Weingard

7 Black holes, dumb holes, and entropy
William G. Unruh

Part III: Topological Quantum Field Theory

8 Higher-dimensional algebra and Planck scale physics Web page
John C. Baez

Part IV: Quantum Gravity and the Interpretation of General Relativity

9 On general covariance and best matching
Julian B. Barbour

10 Pre-Socratic quantum gravity PDF
Gordon Belot and John Earman

11 The origin of the spacetime metric: Bell's "Lorentzian pedagogy" and its significance in general relativity Web page PDF
Harvey R. Brown and Oliver Pooley

Part V: Quantum Gravity and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

12 Quantum spacetime without observers: Ontological clarity and the conceptual foundations of quantum gravity Web page PDF
Sheldon Goldstein and Stefan Teufel

13 On gravity's role in quantum state reduction
Roger Penrose

14 Why the quantum must yield to gravity Web Page PDF
Joy Christian